System Inspection
Wiring, Connections, Terminations, Cables, Switches, Circuit Breakers, Cubicles, Instruments,
Meters, and NEC Compliance
Circuit Breaker Testing
Insulation Resistance, Contact Resistance, Primary Current Injection, Secondary Current
Injection, Power Factor, Current Transformers, Over Potential, and Hi-Pot
Capacitor Testing
Capacitance Value Measurement
Thermal Scanning
Switchgear, Switchyards, Transformer, Panelboards, Motors, Motor Control Centers, Uninterrupted
Power Supplies, and Batteries
Generator Testing
Winding Resistance, Insulation Resistance, and Load Testing.
Switches & Disconnects
Insulation Resistance, Over Potential, Contact Resistance, Fuse Resistance, and Mechanical
Transformer Testing
Insulation Resistance, Turns Ratio, Winding Resistance, Power Factor, Excitation, Leakage
Reactance, Sweep Freuency, and Oil Sampling
Grounding Systems
Ground Grid, Ground Rods, Ground Mats, Resistance, and Fall Off Potential
Cable Testing
Insulation Resistance, Fault Detection, Over Potential, Hi-Pot, VLF, and Tangent/Delta
DC Power Systems
 Battery Charger Specific Gravity, Internal Voltage, Strap Resistance, Temperature Resistance,
and Load Testing
Switchgear & Switchboards
Inspection, Insulation Resistance, Connection Resistance, Over Potential, Current Tranformers,
Potential Transformers, Control Power Transformers, and Meters